Greetings Community Members and Choristers!

I am excited to welcome you to the Rockville Chorus website. I am very proud of this organization and their work, and feel very honored to have been working with them as music director since the spring of 1991. We are a diverse group with a wide range of musical backgrounds. Some have been singing with the group longer than I have been with the chorus. Others can only sing with us for a season or two. Some come to us with extensive, professional careers in singing or musical academia, while others have singing experience limited to a 5th-grade pageant or their own private showers. We are brought together because of our love of music, however, and we are made stronger through our musical diversity.

Developed in the mid-1970s, this City-sponsored choral ensemble comprises approximately 80-100 adult members. Rehearsing Monday nights for almost 2 hours, the group works hard on polishing a program of music comprised of selections from the classical choral canon to the Broadway musical stage, as well as classical jazz arrangements to original compositions from contemporary composers.

It has been an honor and joy to work with the Rockville Chorus. If you are considering singing with a group, or would simply like more information about us, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you further!

Many thanks…and keep on singing!!!

–Bryan Seith, Director

maesto Bryan Seith

Director Bryan Seith